The First Grade Blues Band is Making a CD and Learning Multitrack Digital Recording

>We’re laying down tracks for our upcoming CD using the multi track recording Apple Computer Program called “Garage Band”. It’s great because the kids get to work in groups and listen to their recordings, and then decide if they want to do retakes and change the way they are using intonation, diction, phrasing, and volume.

I got a pro drummer to lay down some drum and bass tracks and the rest of it is all us. Don’t think for a second that it won’t rock though; you will be plenty surprised at how awesome it sounds!.

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Our Goal

Once we’ve used the music as a springboard to teach academic content standards, our goal is to take our work to completion by performing it onstage and recording it together in digital multitrack audio and video editing programs.

The students even learn how to operate programs like iMovie, Photoshop and Garage Band.

iMovie icon Photoshop icon GarageBand-icon

So far our performances have included playing a street fair, for a large audience of staff and students at the Cal State San Marcos College of Education and on local TV news and KPBS TV (watch these performances on our videos page). We're a real band, and we're learning and rocking! We have about ten songs in our repertoire.

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